Against a New Surrealism

by Bryan Edenfield

Against a New Surrealism: A Manifesto

For the current trends in literary efforts let me output this: a structure of thought not necessarily followed by a movement of course needed to be that without structure this becomes but a forethought to the structure of thought.  In other words the tidy sums necessary for that sort of endeavor whether it be an economic transaction as necessitated by the complex arrangement of socio-political harmonies or that in which structure forgoes such maladies might be enough if we are to move forward justly or unjustly with such an endeavor as structure maligns.  Said truths in certain myriad fields specifically inundate to so-called and out-of-date modern explorers with such diatribes as such that camp and speediness are no longer in account of itself.

Therefore we as proposed before suggest a new movement to undo the wrongs of the past which cannot be in such said regard a retread of old movements but of course new language needs to be invented for such thoroughly not-so-called postmodern tribes to exist.  This is not our only suggestion.  Moving on.

With now the one most partial example if we are to take this seriously might justifiably be called a reaction to such decadent poverty that we wonder if this movement has any right to state its belief in any sort of subtle manner.  That said we must under the strict watchful eye of the lord never be in doubt that such things as enumerated in past dialogues with our explorers as listed carefully and orderly above all else in calm shelves and elastic which may or may not help move our theories into the realm of action will for their part mark and enumerate again the last bodies that we hold together dear to ourselves in order to see and experience the world in so many words without the hindrance of an ideology or a spirit betrothed to the unbridled passions of forgiving lust and stone which makes for what our journey is dare to be complete.  So the organization moves together against what our predecessors have called the cold clammy hand of the dialectic.

In to therefore my studies persist.  In a rigorous academic manner we persist.  To quote the great father of journalism William Tellig O’Brien: What therefore reaches our shores to be mocked by the intellectual establishment must be washed away into the basin pen of our cherished hopes and dreams.  I say: A hunger unites us.  Unites us in our glory and unites us in what many have thought before to be nothing but an elaborate joke.  How else to respond but to laugh?  Because of this and because of the of course need to be taken seriously not just by the aforementioned establishment but by the outsiders drowning in the washbin of ideas we have outlined a new course of action not taken by our predecessors because it hadn’t been invented yet. Before this point can be reached though we must make clear the negations of which we hope to put throughout the daily journal to rest our hides in such case of calamity.

Lest it be squared our purpose here is a simple one.  Against the manifestos of the past we seek instead to write but not speak a joyous tune of squalor that trembles in the silent chaos of the periphery.  We don’t want any lovely daily turmoil to wrench for our dreary hands the lessons learned at the knees of long dead soldiers who breathed their shoulders hard into the distance and walked with a tethered hand ringing the tidebells of distress.  Harken back we must say to a bloodier time if this shall be prepared accurately and with full mode of the law and say not that law of men and devils but the laws of angels and love.  To put such trite sentiments into the context of an intellectualized subversion which to speak precisely of the events of the past and our future goals is not quite exactly the immediate contextualization of certain nondescript biological and astrological entities we lust with vigor and learned remorse for the quiet liquidity of the spit murmuring in the mouth.  And so reached the disciples of the past that we have so thoroughly broken ranks with are brought back into the fold through a thoroughly new and unholy alliance and a trinity if you will that will likely in years to come be the beacon of a whole new era.

And so our plan is this: The public regards us with hostility despite our accomplishments and this should be cherished rather than looked upon in a worrisome manner.  To put it another way the safeguards of society and intellectual property have created a kind of behemoth that ostracizes anything that strangles the value and worth of our cherished psychological rights and pastimes creating a schizophrenic urge to annihilate all means of communication between upper and lower echelons of society.  This in turn rampages through our neighborhoods of social norms disassembling the rampant homogenization of intrasocial transactions and branding the finite copulation of integral human abandonment with the blemished and fetishistic debasement of wayward international justification.  This three-pronged strategy pitches through the brush and bramble of an already sub-enlightened and quasi-literate populous to reveal the sinewy contours of an already awakened sage.  We must be open to such possibilities even if the basement shutters.  In last regards we call for an individualistic revolution and we ask each and every one of you to listen and turn away because for one last time the finality of our situation is eternal.

Thank you,

The Wordless Dictionary Society