Bryan Edenfield, Unemployed Author

Bryan Edenfield was born in Arizona but lives in Seattle, where he founded the now extinct literary-arts organization, Babel/Salvage. Then he hosted and curated the Glossophonic Showcase and the Ogopogo Performance Series, received the Jack Straw Writers Fellowship for 2018, and produced the Hollow Earth Radio show Glossophonics.

His first major publication, Cake, is available from Really Serious Literature. Click these words to order it right now, please. He really needs the money and validation.

If you’d like to be a part of the inner sanctum, email Mr. Edenfield at wordlessdictionary at gmail dot com and ask to be added to his newsletter mailing list. You will probably not regret it, but I don’t know you and can’t predict the future, so shouldn’t make guarantees. No one should, and yet the advertising industry is founded on such blatant manipulations.